Dawn of the Zombie Possum

The Era of Possum Domination

In ancient times the possum was considered to be the wisest among all animals, and man was kept as their slaves for mixed breeding purposes. All over the world the possum created kingdoms where man was kept underground for their lusts and pleasures (1), but in 2345786 B.C. a man called Wooby formed a rebellion against the possum race and with fierce brutality they battled the possums for 40 decades until they stood as winners.

Possums were stripped of all their powers and were chased into the dark tombs of the underworld where they slowly inbreded themselves into the rat like creature of today. Man became the most dominant species of the world.

But slowly and ever so cleaver, the possum is changing, altering their chromosomes into perfection to once again overtake the position as the most powerful living being.

Through thorough research with dead possums, the possums of the underworld is breeding a master possum race of Possum Zombies, unkillable and unstoppable they will return to world’s surface to engage in the ultimate battle for world domination. Man is still unaware of its upcoming, unavoidable destiny – to once again be dominated by the possum master race.


1) The misconception that aliens are using men for sexual experiences is coming from the era of possum world domination.

~ by zombiepossum on May 22, 2009.

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