Bad Blood

The history books talk about the Great Plagues of 1065 (the year before Hastings). What really happended was that possums in millions emerged from the sewer systems and during a period of two weeks, they slaughtered 40’000 people in Southern France and North of Spain. The story was written off as an outbreak of the plague, which haunted Europe during the Middle Ages.

Nonetheless. The 40’000 dead witness that there are forces luring we can not ignore, which we can not avoid. Resistance is futile – but it calls for a time of serious reflextion.

Constantly, zombie possum outbreaks are occuring, but biologists are writing them off and finds “scientific” explenations.

The truth remains. Possums are evil, highly exposed to the zombie virus and resistance against these killer rodents is necessary!

~ by zombiepossum on May 31, 2009.

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