Can we live side by side

The other night, I watched “Land of the Dead” by George Romero with Dennis Hopper and John Leguziamo in the main roles for the 3rd or 4th time.

It’s a wonderful tale, and it amazes me how Romero can change the zombie personality in all his movies. This time round the zombie is added feelings and logical thinking. The brain dead and non-thinking flesh eater is dead. The new breed of zombies can run (28 Weeks Later), give birth (Dawn of the Dead) and now – be rational!

The zombies are abused by the cruelty of man. They are held captives, used as target for practice shooting, forced modelling of fear, all according to the evil and mindlessness of man. Zombies are victims in Japansese-look-alike TV-shows. The human mind is truly the most evil, and the zombies are the victims.

Romero proves the zombies are able to draw logical conclusions from memories of their lives they lived. They remember, and when introduced to blunt objects, they learn how to use them. The AK47 is learned by one zombie leader who shows the other undead how to kill humans.

What Romero is trying to do is opening up a way for us to understand each other and live side by side. By understanding we can find ways to share the resources of the world. “They are only looking for a home – just like us” ends the film when the apocalytic back grounds are showing the end times of the world.

Let is rebuild the world and live side by side.

~ by zombiepossum on May 31, 2009.

One Response to “Can we live side by side”

  1. Wow! This must be the first time I read or hear that a zombie movie can open our eyes to how we treat other humans (dead or alive – or somewhere in the middle…)
    I haven´t seen the Land of the Dead – but now I HAVE TO!, since I´m a true humanitarian. 😀

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