Celebration of the Dead

In Greece, every October 20th, villages of the ancient village Deadopoulus dresses up to celebrate the living dead (story tells it that many of the participants are really dead, and take this opportunity to find their prey). The celebration began 232 years ago when the village was victim of the mayhem the Britannica Encyclopedia refers to as “Death of a Greek Paradise”.

The mayhem that is behind this celebration began when the corpse of a young woman rose from its grave and during a three-day long killing spree slaughtered 41 young men. The woman was murdered and there are supernatural ideas that she was seeking revenge as a living dead.

That event has caused horror for generations and the only way to hold the living dead at bay is to celebrate them in this annual fiest. The villagers are offering pigs and goats in order to dress them completely in blood and guts, and they walk around the village the whole day until night when they devour the raw flesh of the animals sacrificed.

According to legend, the mayhem 232 years ago is going to repeat itself unless the living dead is honored.

~ by Henry Lee Moseley on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Celebration of the Dead”

  1. Very interesting bit of trivia. Would love to attend someday.

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    Hope you like it, and keep up the good work!


  2. Every year Air Greece organize trips to this event of evil. Just keep your blogg open for flight invitations and you can truly participate in the Celebration of the Dead.
    /Zombie Possum Head Quarters

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