Pregnancy – Pro-Choice or Pro-“Life”

The sight of a pregnant woman is always beautiful, but little is known of the debate behind pregnant zombies. The main reason for this lack of debate is of cause the wide misconception of zombie excistence (or fear of realizing the truth).

In Houston, Texas, there is a hospital widely known within the zombie world to help pregnant zombie females. Of cause on the outside it is something else – a hospital for burnt victims. Here zombies flock for assistance and advice on how to carry and deliver their future living deads. Main topics for the nurses at the hosptial includes:

1. Do NOT eat your baby

2. Do NOT eat the brain of your baby

3. Don’t let other zombies eat your baby

4. Don’t let other zombies eat the brain of your baby

5. No eating PERIOD

Nonetheless, even though the hospital staff used to have problems with eaten new borns, the trend has declined due to new electric fences to throw the mothers on just after birth. They are then stunned and removed from campus. Most zombie newborns grow up at the hospital’s nursery until they are grown up enough to kill and eat brains on their own.

One of the biggests assets for the hospital is the quantity of nurses. Some Pro-“Life” demonstrations occur and killings of doctors happens. They positive thing about this is that those dead doctors are given endless bites by the zombie mothers so they too become zombies. They are both well educated and dead, which will provide the zombie mothers with sufficient assistance in their new role as parents.

~ by Henry Lee Moseley on June 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Pregnancy – Pro-Choice or Pro-“Life””

  1. Wow! I had no idea about this hospital. It’s a great idea!
    But I must say I´m suprised, because the existance of this hospital is proof that zombies have compassion, feelings and that they think in several steps (logical thinking).

  2. Well AddAnna.

    You have a point. What I forgot to mention was the squad buses all over the world (you recognizes them as your average passenger bus when the sign says “Out of Order”) which constantly travles around picking up pregnant zombie mothers and pack them to be sent to this hospital (which is the only in the world, although there are plans for expansion in Teheran, Singapore and Thrissur in Sourthern India).

    /Zombie Possum management

  3. Well speaking as someone whose pregnant(2 days overdue)and worried bout becoming a zombie(wierd dreams,dont ask),its nice to know theres somewhere to go if it happens and even nicer to know they’ll take care of my little monster too lol!

  4. I feel sorry for the mothers, being thrown out and not allowed to see their children after giving birth. All that effort, and they’re stunned before anything happens.

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