Congratulations Mrs and Mr Kimani

Let us at Zombie Possum be the first to congratulate Elizabeth and John Kimani for delivering the first zombie baby born with non-zombie parents.

Bubba John Junior Kimani

Bubba John Junior Kimani

Elizabeth became pregnant during the couple’s vacation in Albania last year. She fell from a 20 storey buildning to, what everyone thought, was her certain death, but she survived as in a miracle. Her belly was seriously severed during her first 6 months of pregnancy and she had constant cravings for raw flesh and brains, but she was alive nontheless.

Early June the couple checked in at Martha Winefarts ”Private Hospital for Unexplained Pregnancies” in Jonestown, Gyuana where she was treated with blood transfusions, amputations and eye socket cleanings on a daily basis until their son was born. He will be called Bubba in a tribute to the Evil Dead Triology actor Bruce Campbell’s caracter in “Bubba Ho-Tep”.

Elizabeth seconds after her beautiful birth

Elizabeth seconds after her beautiful birth

We at Zombie Possum are handling the congratulations, and flowers to the couple can be sent through us.

~ by Henry Lee Moseley on June 19, 2009.

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