Celebration of the Dead

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In Greece, every October 20th, villages of the ancient village Deadopoulus dresses up to celebrate the living dead (story tells it that many of the participants are really dead, and take this opportunity to find their prey). The celebration began 232 years ago when the village was victim of the mayhem the Britannica Encyclopedia refers to as “Death of a Greek Paradise”.

The mayhem that is behind this celebration began when the corpse of a young woman rose from its grave and during a three-day long killing spree slaughtered 41 young men. The woman was murdered and there are supernatural ideas that she was seeking revenge as a living dead.

That event has caused horror for generations and the only way to hold the living dead at bay is to celebrate them in this annual fiest. The villagers are offering pigs and goats in order to dress them completely in blood and guts, and they walk around the village the whole day until night when they devour the raw flesh of the animals sacrificed.

According to legend, the mayhem 232 years ago is going to repeat itself unless the living dead is honored.


Day of the Dead

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The final part of George Romero’s “Triology of the Dead” came 1985. Since then, this classic slaughter fiest have been remade as the other two parts of this triology. But let us examine the fear of Daylight.

Why fear the day? Aren’t zombies nocturnal creatures, feeding on the living in the dark hours? No! Nothing can be more wrong. Zombies never sleep, they never rest – the “live” to hunt you down and feed on your shivering corpse, and therefore the daylight is equally dangerous as the night hours. The true horror of zombies in daylight is that they are very much visible. You are able to see the rotten corpses, every piece of flesh is upon you. Every coagulated piece of blood, every hollow dark hole where the eyes used to be. All is visible, and this keeps you in fear and paralyses you.


you fear the dead in daylight more because you think it is safe time…..Nothing can be more wrong……


Bad Blood

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The history books talk about the Great Plagues of 1065 (the year before Hastings). What really happended was that possums in millions emerged from the sewer systems and during a period of two weeks, they slaughtered 40’000 people in Southern France and North of Spain. The story was written off as an outbreak of the plague, which haunted Europe during the Middle Ages.

Nonetheless. The 40’000 dead witness that there are forces luring we can not ignore, which we can not avoid. Resistance is futile – but it calls for a time of serious reflextion.

Constantly, zombie possum outbreaks are occuring, but biologists are writing them off and finds “scientific” explenations.

The truth remains. Possums are evil, highly exposed to the zombie virus and resistance against these killer rodents is necessary!

The evilness of walls

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The walls are not your friends. they are easily demolished by the rotten hands of the evil dead when they sense your presence behind them. Mercilessly they tear them down in order to devour you. Beware the walls! Leave windows and doors accessible – but not open – for your immediate escape. Do not barricade yourself completely.

Beware the walls!

Can we live side by side

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The other night, I watched “Land of the Dead” by George Romero with Dennis Hopper and John Leguziamo in the main roles for the 3rd or 4th time.

It’s a wonderful tale, and it amazes me how Romero can change the zombie personality in all his movies. This time round the zombie is added feelings and logical thinking. The brain dead and non-thinking flesh eater is dead. The new breed of zombies can run (28 Weeks Later), give birth (Dawn of the Dead) and now – be rational!

The zombies are abused by the cruelty of man. They are held captives, used as target for practice shooting, forced modelling of fear, all according to the evil and mindlessness of man. Zombies are victims in Japansese-look-alike TV-shows. The human mind is truly the most evil, and the zombies are the victims.

Romero proves the zombies are able to draw logical conclusions from memories of their lives they lived. They remember, and when introduced to blunt objects, they learn how to use them. The AK47 is learned by one zombie leader who shows the other undead how to kill humans.

What Romero is trying to do is opening up a way for us to understand each other and live side by side. By understanding we can find ways to share the resources of the world. “They are only looking for a home – just like us” ends the film when the apocalytic back grounds are showing the end times of the world.

Let is rebuild the world and live side by side.

Living Dead’s are Everywhere

•May 25, 2009 • 2 Comments

The movie industry is flowerishing when it comes to zombie movies. You have categories you never thought was possible, and all add to the fantastic genre of the evil flesh eating living dead.

There are zombies emerging on air planes and killing the whole crew and most of the passangers (”Plane Dead”), evil murderous zombie sheep who attack without mercy (”Black Sheep”), married couple who on their loving honeymoon is being attacked by a vicious black phlegm which mutates into a zombiesque substance and zombiefies the host (”Zombie honeymoon”) and the list goes on and on, and on…and on.63BlackSheepDM_468x290jpg

There are zombies in violent fights with strippers (”Zombie Strippers”, and ”Zombie Zombie Zombie – Strippers vs. Zombie”), but nothing compares to the extremely gory and beautifully realistic (!) triology (plus remakes) of George Romero’s classic ”Night of the Living Dead”, ”Dawn of the Dead” and ”Day of the Dead” …not to mention ”Diary of the Dead” and ”Land of the Dead”. Seems like Hollywood is crazy about zombies – rumors say that Brad Pitt is planning to film/star in/produce Max Brooks’ ”World War Z” .

Judge my surprise when I decided to see ”Feast III – The Happy Finish” and I noticed there are not solely gory slaughter scenes by monsters with pointy teeth, but there are actually zombies hiding in the background killing mercilessly too :)….. and I just wanted to see the 3rd follow up to the funny monster film where buddy Henry Rollins is hunting monsters in pink pants….


First encounter

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The Consumption of the Italian Sock Mender

The first known record of the flesh eating zombie possum came from Italy in 1277 A.D. when a local sock mender stumbled upon a barrel of soiled water. The sock mender, Mr. Giovanni Mastro, attempted to lift the barrel to remove the soiled water and bring the empty barrel home, but as he put his arms around the lid, the water parted violently and a huge possum flew up from the barrel and commenced to chew on Masto’s face, tearing out his eyes with fierce power, and as he gnawed on his body he most deliberately infected the sock mender with the zombie virus and condemning him to roam earth for all eternity hunting down fresh meat for consumption.


This document has been recorded by a flock of run away monks from a local monastery outside of Geneva. This true event is the inspiration to the Triology of the Dead movies by George Romero (for further details, view: www.imbd.com).